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    Asus ROG Throne Qi with 7.1 RGB Wireless Charging Headphone Stand

    products.manufacturer: Asus


    • Model: ROG Throne Qi
    • Efficient and fast Qi wireless charging technology
    • Support 2 USB 3.1 ports (1.5A) to charge
    • Customizable 18 RGB lighting zones
    • Build-in ESS DAC and AMP
    ৳ 10,999.00

    Asus ROG Throne Qi with 7.1 Surround Sound RGB Wireless Charging Headphone Stand

    The Asus ROG Throne Qi with 7.1 Surround Sound RGB Wireless Charging Headphone Stand is built with fast Qi wireless charging technology and is inputted with very advanced audio software and hardware to help you experience music and audio contents like never before. The highly decorated RGB lights help to show off your Asus Headphone stand and it can perfectly fit into your gaming setup. The Asus ROG Throne Headphone Stand has two-port USB 3.1 hub with power delivery that helps to provide you with more efficient connectivity system. The Asus Headphone Stand is also equipped with Asus Aura RGB Lighting which allows you to control the RGB lights with your Asus RGB control Panel.


    ROG Throne Qi is a gaming headset stand with wireless charging designed to keep your Qi-enabled smartphone or other compatible devices ready for action and your gaming area organized. A built-in ESS DAC and amplifier upgrades your headphone audio experience, delivering immersive gaming audio, while customizable 360-degree RGB lighting effects that synchronize with other Aura Sync accessories enable a stunning, unified lighting experience. ROG Throne Qi also features an ultrafast, two-port USB 3.1 hub with power delivery, rounding it out as a complete solution for organizing and upgrading your gaming setup.


    The ROG Throne Qi headset stand provides a dedicated spot to store your gaming headphones combined with the convenience of Qi wireless charging, keeping your gaming area organized and free from the clutter of charging cables. Fast and efficient Qi wireless charging* lets you charge your Qi-enabled phone and other compatible devices, and a built-in LED indicator keeps you apprised of the charging status.


    ROG Throne Qi features a built-in ESS 9118 DAC and amplifier that provides upgraded headphone audio for gaming and streaming music and video. And, with Hyper Grounding and audio signal diversion technology that unlocks the full potential of the ESS DAC by processing audio and lighting signals individually, you'll enjoy detailed, dynamic and immersive sound with your favorite games and media and experience them like never before.


    Express your gaming style with customizable Aura RGB lighting on ROG Throne Qi. With 18 RGB lighting zones that can be customized independently with your choice of over 16.8 million color combination, plus six preset lighting effects, you can create a stunning lighting experience that's totally your own.


    ROG Throne Qi is also a USB hub with two USB 3.1 ports that provide ultrafast connectivity and 1.5A of power to charge your devices, so you can always stay connected and keep all of your devices powered up, even if they don't support Qi wireless charging.


    An optimized arc design with an anti-slip rubber pad provides a stable platform to hold your headset securely and protects against shakes and bumps. Additionally, the large contact area on the arc evenly distributes the weight of your headset, protecting against deformation of the headband cushion to ensure it stays in good condition and remains comfortable.

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